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We provide affordable accommodations - entire homes, condos, or private rooms - to make travel more doable for students, artists, wellness professionals or really, just anyone. Comfortable beds, a safe environment and friendly atmosphere are what we aim to provide, whether short or long term.



Our belief is that we shouldn't just take from our travel experiences, we should also give back. Supporting local businesses, artists and the communities which we visit is important to us. Take a tour in an art car, kayak while cleaning up the local river, attend a backyard concert, meet the people who form the soul of the city.

Our Inhabit-at


  We are culture and community-driven! We always have our hands involved in hosting retreats, travel groups, art and community events. We encourage sustainable living by planting fruit, veggie and herb gardens and also raise chickens for eggs at some of our properties. Stay with us and become a part of our Inhabit-at!  

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